Textual Analysis for Writers!

Word Cloud from the CTRL-Shift Project
Word Cloud from the CTRL-Shift Project, created by Voyant Tools

This workshop focuses on the use of textual analysis for the examination of one’s own writing. The writer inhabits a particularly interesting role in this process, as s/he will in some ways be the foremost expert on their own texts and at the same time be the most susceptible to misinterpretations of their own work.

We will introduce you to several powerful but user-friendly textual analysis tools that will allow you to take a step back from your own work to see trends and patterns you may or may not have been aware of previously.

Really Brief/Cursory Introduction to Textual Analysis

Textual analysis is ultimately a form of information visualization. To analyze a text or text, one needs to de-contextualize the initial content using computational tools.

This is a small example of what some in Digital Humanities call distant reading, which, as those who practice it are wont to point out, needs to be combined with close reading to elicit the best insights.

Benefits to Writers

Hosted by University of Idaho Library, 2018.

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