Overview Docs

Overview Docs is a tool used primarily by journalists to visualize and analyze large corpus/corpora of texts. The site includes a few default text sets to get you started, but you can also use your own.

Get Started with Overview

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Upload a set of texts.
  3. Explore the different views provided
    • The default view is a Word Cloud (you should be familiar with this!)
    • Add some a view of Entities and a “Tree” view
  4. Entities explores unique words (much like Voyant) and can also extract city, corporation, and other data from the text files and allow you to quickly filter your corpus
  5. The Tree view (which you can title whatever you like–I just call it tree to reduce my own confusion).
    • This view is a basic form or Topic Modeling
    • A topic model organizes a corpus of documents based on the counts contained in the good ol’ bag of words combined with an algorithm that looks at proximity related to those words.
    • Explore your corpus by clicking through the various groupings this view provides you with.
Tree view of a Topic Model of Shakespearean Sonnets
Tree view of a Topic Model of Shakespearean Sonnets

For more on Overview Docs, check out their extensive blog.

The topic model feature is a good tool for writers looking to put together sections of a book, or seeing themes that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.